In addition to the main blog posts found in the middle column of this blog’s current three-column layout, there are several other key components of the “Son of Dad” format found in the two side columns and the tabs on top of the header:

Social Networking Icons

  • You’ll notice six odd-looking little square icons at the top of each side column, each of which links to a major social networking site for the purpose of allowing you to either add “Son of Dad” to your favorites or submit the blog and/or an individual entry to any (or all) of those sites.
  • The 12 linked sites are, Technorati, Furl, Digg, ma.gnolia, Bloglines, StumbleUpon, Simpy, Newsvine, Reddit, Fark and Tailrank.
  • Yeah, I also don’t understand what any of that means, either.

Son of Dad, Jr.

  • Brief “quick hit” thoughts and comments on topics that pop into my mind which aren’t really substantive enough to merit a full-length blog post.
  • Posted via RSS feed from the official home of “Son of Dad, Jr.”: Tumblr.
  • Can be viewed in full be either clicking one of the individual post links or going to

What I’m Doing

  • Status updates, typically posted via my cell phone, simultaneously to Twitter and my Facebook profile.
  • As the title clearly states, this lets you know exactly what I’m doing…provided I’ve been diligent enough to enter an update.
  • A lot of people use status updates to let people know how they are feeling, but I emote much better in person. It’s really a spectacle you must witness live.

Me, Me, Me!

  • Links to pretty much each and every site on which I have a profile or homepage.

All Things Ob

  • Links to my favorite online hangout, the message board at, and other related sites.


  • Links to the websites and/or blogs of my friends and acquaintances, most of whom are denizens of Obner.

Cowboys (NFL)
Spurs (NBA)
Notre Dame (CFB)

Posts by Month
Posts by Topic
Recent Posts
Recent Comments

  • These should all be extremely self-explanatory. If not, ask “The Video Professor” (AS SEEN ON TV!) to send you his disc on how to use the Internet.


  • Explains the story behind both the blog (“Son of Dad”) and the blogger (me).


  • Typically, this acronym stands for “Frequently Asked Questions,” but since questions are not even asked of me often enough to be considered infrequent, I had to make up a bunch of wacky Q&A for your amusement.  It’s pretty much just site filler.


  • The series of events that led to the creation of this blog, from the moment I was evicted from my mother’s womb right up to my migration from Blogger to WordPress…WITH PICTURES!

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