Son of Dad on hiatus – possibly permanently.

I’ve been focusing too much on the layout and design of this blog, and not enough on what’s really important, which is the writing.  I really feel like I’ve kind of painted myself into a corner with Son of Dad, not only in terms of the format, but just by the fact that I feel so obligated (self-inflicted, of course) to write post-game reviews that I never seem to write much of anything else.

By definition, a “blog” is a weblog, which means it should be more like a personal online diary than some sort of pseudo magazine.  I think the time is right for me to take a step back and return to the basics.  I may eventually find that all of the added features with which Son of Dad is equipped actually serve me better than a more stripped-down basic blog, but for now, I really need to try the more simple approach.

So, until further notice, I’ll be doing my blogging at a site I have dubbed Otisburg.  It’s a little bitty place.  Come check me out over there.


The PostSecret “Mini-Movie”

For those of you familiar with the PostSecret website, they just released a “mini-movie” feauring some of the postcards which have resonated the most over the years. You can watch this “mini-movie” below. And if you’ve never been to PostSecret before, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It will change your life.

Visit Fracland!

If you enjoy engaging in lively online discussions about music or anything else pop culture-related, then you should visit, where you can either post to our message board or chat in real time in our chat room.

It’s kinda “Hey!,” kinda “Wow!”  It’s Fracland.

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It’s Sort of a Catchall

That’s what Kramer tells Jerry in the “Frogger” episode of Seinfeld, when asked why he suggested “Son of Dad” as a possible replacement nickname for the serial killer previously known as “The Lopper.”

I figure that’s also the best explanation for why I decided to use that name for this blog.  I’ll be posting just about anything and everything I can think of right here, so check in from time to time and see just what sort of stuff spills out of my noggin.