Romotown: Wittsville USA

The Detroit Lions did everything they could – and more – to defeat my beloved Dallas Cowboys, and for nearly the entire game it seemed almost certain they would. But as he has done so many times before, the great Tony Romo saved the day, hitting Jason Witten for the game-winning TD with 18 seconds remaining to give Dallas the 28-27 victory.

Bradie James and Terrence Newman, who ran their mouths all week about how they were going to shut down Lions QB Jon Kitna, did nothing whatsoever to slow him or his team down in the least.  It was an embarassing day for the entire Cowboy defense, but just like they bailed out the offense in Buffalo when Romo had six turnovers, Romo returned the favor in Detroit.

Sure, there were several key plays (Hanson’s missed chip shot FG, the Romo fumble a Lion defender inadvertently kicked right to Kyle Kosier, and more) that could have been considered luck, but it’s always the truly great teams who seem to benefit from such timely fortune.  It happened with the Patriots against both the Eagles and the Ravens, and here it happened with the Cowboys against the Lions.

With each passing week, a NE-DAL rematch at the Super Bowl in Glendale looks more likely.  Fate seems intent on it.


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