Kings of the NFC Hill…for now

My beloved Dallas Cowboys prevailed 37-27 in their showdown with the Green Bay Packers for NFC supremacy, and in the process, Tony Romo wrested away the title of NFC’s best quarterback away from his childhood idol Brett Favre.

Seldom-seen Packers backup QB Aaron Rodgers made a game out of what was headed for an almost certain blowout at the time Favre left the game, with the double-whammy of an injured right elbow and separated left shoulder.  But Romo was relentless in his aerial assault, bouncing back from a T.O.-caused end zone interception to close out the Packers on the next drive.

I still worry about our defense running hot and cold from one series to the next – especially on third and long plays – but the only team in the NFL clearly better than Dallas at this point is New England.  And if the Patriots continue to play like they did against the Eagles last week, the Cowboys just might be able to knock them off if they have a rematch in the Super Bowl.

For now, the Cowboys have four regular season games left against four opponents who appear to be easily beatable at this point, but they need to keep the petal to the metal and close them out to run the table at 15-1.  Even though they beat Green Bay last night, the Packers also have an easy remaining schedule, so Dallas cannot afford any slip-ups if they want to ensure home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

Meanwhile, Romo has already shattered the franchise single-season record for TD passes.  After four more games, he just might have lapped the field.


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