My beloved Dallas Cowboys are now 9-1, thanks almost entirely to the best game yet by Terrell Owens during his two seasons with the team. T.O. caught all four of Tony Romo’s touchdown passes and accounted for 60% of Romo’s passing yards in a truly transcendent performance.  But every last bit of it was needed – and then some – as the hated rival Washington Redskins kept coming time after time, led by their emerging star quarterback Jason Campbell.

Campbell is getting better every game, and just might have surpassed Donovan McNabb and Eli Manning as the second-best QB in the NFC East.  But as good as he’s getting, he’s still not as great as the fantastic Tony Romo.  Every so often, Romo has one of these games where he starts out playing poorly and seems like he’s going to have a terrible performance, yet he always manages to turn it around and make it an excellent game by the end.  He never ceases to amaze.  But this game, T.O. deserved the spotlight.

The Jets roll into town in a few days for Thanksgiving, and what seemed like a virtual bye week now suddenly appears to be more of a challenge, after New York upset the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday.  The Cowboys had better show up to play, or they’ll be real turkeys.

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