Middies Leave Irish Shipwrecked

After 43 straight losses dating back to before the JFK assassination, Navy finally righted their ship and torpedoed the Flailin’ Irish in triple overtime. Notre Dame could have won the game in regulation, had the world’s most brilliant offensive strategist, Charlie Weis, chosen to kick a 40-yard field goal with less than a minute to play. But Weis is much smarter than us mere mortals and our flawed “conventional wisdom.” Why win the game in regulation, when a failed 4th and 8 attempt could send the game into overtime?

Then, Weis once again proved his superior offensive intellect by calling a run up the middle against a stacked line on a two-point attempt that needed to be converted in order to force a fourth overtime.  Most other humans probably would have attempted a pass or outside run, but Weis instead relied upon his infallible offensive genius to catch the opponent off guard by losing the game…THIS year.  Don’t you see?  It’s all a set-up for next year’s game!  BRILLIANT!!!

I, for one, look forward to the start of another 43-game winning streak in 2008!

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  1. Wow, this blog sucks balls, I should know, because that’s what I’m good at doing!

    If you want to see a real blog cum over to Domer Sports Report! Now that’s one that doesn’t suck balls or dick. Although I wish I was doing both right now.

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