It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

I haven’t posted a blog entry after the last couple of Notre Dame games. Frankly, I was so stunned by their flabbergasting win over UCLA that I couldn’t even begin to form a sentence, much less a coherent blog entry.  Then last week, they actually put up a semi-respectable showing against #4 Boston College.  I was almost starting to let myself believe that the first five games of the season were simply a nightmarish aberration.  Then, came the hated Men of Troy…

A 38-0 whipping later, and the Flailin’ Irish now stand 1-7 in jeopardy of having their record 369-year win streak over Navy torpedoed by the Midshipmen.  Notre Dame seriously needs to give up the green jersey schtick.  It was a great one-time idea, combined with the Trojan Horse, as part of their blowout win over USC in 1977 which propelled them to the National Championship.  It’s worked maybe once since, despite being trotted out dozens upon dozens of times by a series of increasingly desperate (and proven unworthy) Irish coaches.

Remember when Gerry Faust was universally considered the worst coach in Notre Dame history?  I don’t.

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