ND Should Never Have Cut Ties With Ty

Now that the first two games of the college football season have been played, I am more convinced than ever that Notre Dame should never have gotten rid of Tyrone Willingham as their head coach…even though I was among those screaming the loudest for his head at the time he was fired.

So far this season, Willingham’s unranked Washington Huskies have dismantled both opponents, including yesterday’s sound defeat of the team with the nation’s longest win streak, Boise State.  Meanwhile, supposed offensive mastermind Charlie Weis drew up enough brilliant strategy to fill up the Grand Canyon with three-and-outs as Notre Dame was blown out for the second straight time this season in a 31-10 loss at Penn State.

The longer Weis stays at ND, the more the roster fills with his recruits (not Ty’s) and the worse the team gets.  Not even super-recruit Jimmy Clausen could save the day.  This QB phenom many were hoping would be the next Joe Montana played a lot more like the current Joe Mantegna.

Washington probably won’t win the Pac-10, much less contend for a national championship, but the one thing they will definitely do is field a respectable, competitive team.  That’s something light years away from Notre Dame’s grasp.  The time has come for an exorcism of the coaching staff, starting with Lap Band McGee.


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  1. no kidding, though i’m from boston i went out to stanford football camp for two summers when ty willingham was there and he was a tremendous human being, a great coach and great person who commanded the respect of his players with soft words and great actions, when he was a senior in high school he wrote like 100 some odd letters to every football coach in the country and ended up walking on to the only place that showed interest, michigan state, and thereon earned a full ride…

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