Two-Stepped on the Throat

After two phenomenal performances by their first-string units on both sides of the ball, my beloved Dallas Cowboys went out and laid a real egg tonight against their crossstate rivals. The Houston Texans rode the blazing legs of rookie phenom Jacoby Jones to a 21-6 halftime lead, en route to a 28-16 victory.

The main problem areas in this game were poor effort by both coverage units on special teams, penalties on offense, and missed tackles on defense.  Tack on a shanked extra point by Martin Grammatica, and this was an all-around clunker by the Cowboys.  For the most part, Tony Romo looked pretty good, but he made an absolutely horrible throw on an attempted deep ball to T.O., which resulted in an interception that ended the starters’ night on a low.

The mistakes made tonight are correctable, so I’m not yet ready to predict doom and gloom (especially after calling for the team to go 12-4 this season just days earlier), but it does go to show that even the league’s lesser teams can beat you if you fail to execute.

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2 Responses

  1. might be long season for the boys!

  2. I still think they’ll be good this year, but last night proves they’re extremely vulnerable if they don’t execute.

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