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Son of Dad on hiatus – possibly permanently.

I’ve been focusing too much on the layout and design of this blog, and not enough on what’s really important, which is the writing.  I really feel like I’ve kind of painted myself into a corner with Son of Dad, not only in terms of the format, but just by the fact that I feel so obligated (self-inflicted, of course) to write post-game reviews that I never seem to write much of anything else.

By definition, a “blog” is a weblog, which means it should be more like a personal online diary than some sort of pseudo magazine.  I think the time is right for me to take a step back and return to the basics.  I may eventually find that all of the added features with which Son of Dad is equipped actually serve me better than a more stripped-down basic blog, but for now, I really need to try the more simple approach.

So, until further notice, I’ll be doing my blogging at a site I have dubbed Otisburg.  It’s a little bitty place.  Come check me out over there.

Romotown: Wittsville USA

The Detroit Lions did everything they could – and more – to defeat my beloved Dallas Cowboys, and for nearly the entire game it seemed almost certain they would. But as he has done so many times before, the great Tony Romo saved the day, hitting Jason Witten for the game-winning TD with 18 seconds remaining to give Dallas the 28-27 victory.

Bradie James and Terrence Newman, who ran their mouths all week about how they were going to shut down Lions QB Jon Kitna, did nothing whatsoever to slow him or his team down in the least.  It was an embarassing day for the entire Cowboy defense, but just like they bailed out the offense in Buffalo when Romo had six turnovers, Romo returned the favor in Detroit.

Sure, there were several key plays (Hanson’s missed chip shot FG, the Romo fumble a Lion defender inadvertently kicked right to Kyle Kosier, and more) that could have been considered luck, but it’s always the truly great teams who seem to benefit from such timely fortune.  It happened with the Patriots against both the Eagles and the Ravens, and here it happened with the Cowboys against the Lions.

With each passing week, a NE-DAL rematch at the Super Bowl in Glendale looks more likely.  Fate seems intent on it.

Evel, We Hardly Knew Ye

When I was a kid back in the mid-’70s, I idolized four heroes. Two of the faces on my own personal childhood Mount Rushmore were fictitious (Billy Jack and The Six Million Dollar Man), one was very real (Roger Staubach), and the other was the ultimate combination of fantasy and reality: Evel Knievel.  Of these four larger-than-life figures, Evel was without question the one I was most fixated on in those days.  I can still remember both Christmas 1975 and my 10th birthday the following September consisting of nothing but Evel-related toys and accessories.  My extremely overprotective Mom would never let me even touch a real motorcycle, much less ride one, so I guess she figured the best way to pacify me was to ply me with as many Knievel products as possible.

Of course, the crown jewel of my collection was the hand-cranked stunt cycle, but I also had the stunt stadium and transport van.  These toys were all consuming during those cold and rainy late Fall and Winter months, but once the warm thaw of Spring arrived, me and the neighborhood kids hopped on our bicycles (mine was a Sears Free Spirit with a bicentennial red, white and blue banana seat and motorcycle sound effect crank box mounted on the right handlebar) and crafted makeshift ramps out of lumber scraps and anything else long and flat enough to do the trick.

Looking back on it now, those were the most fun and freewheeling days of my life.  I was old enough to leave the house without adult supervision, yet still young enough not to be burdened by the impending pressures of the teenage years.  I never made it more than two feet off the ground on one of those ersatz “jumps,” if that, but I might as well have been flying above the neighborhood eight miles high.  I doubt I’ll ever experience the wide-eyed innocent euphoria of those days, but thanks to the legacy of Evel Knievel – which will without question continue long after his death yesterday – I will always been able to fondly reminisce about those endless days spent riding my Free Spirit.

Godspeed, Evel.

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Kings of the NFC Hill…for now

My beloved Dallas Cowboys prevailed 37-27 in their showdown with the Green Bay Packers for NFC supremacy, and in the process, Tony Romo wrested away the title of NFC’s best quarterback away from his childhood idol Brett Favre.

Seldom-seen Packers backup QB Aaron Rodgers made a game out of what was headed for an almost certain blowout at the time Favre left the game, with the double-whammy of an injured right elbow and separated left shoulder.  But Romo was relentless in his aerial assault, bouncing back from a T.O.-caused end zone interception to close out the Packers on the next drive.

I still worry about our defense running hot and cold from one series to the next – especially on third and long plays – but the only team in the NFL clearly better than Dallas at this point is New England.  And if the Patriots continue to play like they did against the Eagles last week, the Cowboys just might be able to knock them off if they have a rematch in the Super Bowl.

For now, the Cowboys have four regular season games left against four opponents who appear to be easily beatable at this point, but they need to keep the petal to the metal and close them out to run the table at 15-1.  Even though they beat Green Bay last night, the Packers also have an easy remaining schedule, so Dallas cannot afford any slip-ups if they want to ensure home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

Meanwhile, Romo has already shattered the franchise single-season record for TD passes.  After four more games, he just might have lapped the field.

Bring on the Packers!

This is truly becoming an historic season for my beloved Dallas Cowboys. They currently sit at 10-1 for the first time in this storied franchise’s history, after feasting on the New York Jets for Thanksgiving in a 34-3 rout. Tony Romo has tied the franchise record for most TD passes in a single season, which he should go on to shatter with five games remaining. But even with all this history being made, they still face challenges ahead, not the least of which is the upcoming showdown with the 10-1 Green Bay Packers for NFC supremacy.

As great as the Cowboy defense looked yesterday, they are going to have their hands full – and then some – trying to slow down Brett Favre. This is the game of the year, which in all likelihood will determine home field advantage for the NFC playoffs, so both teams will have to bring their best effort to Texas Stadium next Thursday. It should be a classic…I only hope Favre 2.0 (Romo) will outduel his childhood hero. The time has come for the torch to be passed.

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My beloved Dallas Cowboys are now 9-1, thanks almost entirely to the best game yet by Terrell Owens during his two seasons with the team. T.O. caught all four of Tony Romo’s touchdown passes and accounted for 60% of Romo’s passing yards in a truly transcendent performance.  But every last bit of it was needed – and then some – as the hated rival Washington Redskins kept coming time after time, led by their emerging star quarterback Jason Campbell.

Campbell is getting better every game, and just might have surpassed Donovan McNabb and Eli Manning as the second-best QB in the NFC East.  But as good as he’s getting, he’s still not as great as the fantastic Tony Romo.  Every so often, Romo has one of these games where he starts out playing poorly and seems like he’s going to have a terrible performance, yet he always manages to turn it around and make it an excellent game by the end.  He never ceases to amaze.  But this game, T.O. deserved the spotlight.

The Jets roll into town in a few days for Thanksgiving, and what seemed like a virtual bye week now suddenly appears to be more of a challenge, after New York upset the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday.  The Cowboys had better show up to play, or they’ll be real turkeys.

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